RunclipsID -Emergency Medical Identity contact information clip. Waterproof. Clips to clothing




You are out alone running in the forest. You have your GPS watch and at best your mobile phone. You kick a tree root, take a fall and hit your head . You fall unconscious.The battery on your phone dies. What now?
You are found but you have no identification on you. At this stage any medical issues and emergency contact details could assist the first responders in helping you. Heart conditions,blood group,diabetes, next of kin. We would like to introduce RunclipsID. Based on the same clip we use to secure race numbers in place, RunclipsID is a light, secure and interchangeable tool for emergencies. Medical conditions Allergies Emergency contact information (I.C.E) Next of kin information Blood group RunclipsID comes in bright red attracting the attention of others when help is needed. It comes with waterproof, tear proof paper to allow YOU to write the information YOU need. When training or taking parts in events the information needed in an emergency is different. That is the beauty of RunclipsID. The relevant information for the circumstances. Some events use race numbers to identify you in an emergency. But what if you lost it? NON BULKY NO RUB NO INTERFERING WILL NOT GET CAUGHT ON OBJECTS WILL NOT INJURY YOU You can buy expensive personalised/engraved bands but they can get in the way when running.Once they are customised they cannot be changed.Change your phone number or medication could mean having to spend another £25 to update. The information on it may not be relevant in the circumstances. RunclipsID allows you to change this information. You can even translate your information into a different language if participating in an event abroad. Simple write the information you want on the WATERPROOF TEARPROOF paper provided and place inside clip. Clip the RunclipsID onto a prominent position (recommend chest).

Pack includes

*RunclipsID clip

*A6 sheet of waterproof tear proof paper for you to cut to size

*Red biro pen

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