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Suitable for any sport.for adults or children. running,football,rugby,basketball Shoelaces that come undone are an annoyance for athletes, children and their parents, and let’s not forget the children’s sports trainers and coaches. A person with loose shoelaces has to stop and tie their laces all over again even during a match or training, and even more importantly loose shoelaces are also dangerous! To stop shoelaces coming undone people usually tie their laces with a double knot. This makes undoing the knot more difficult so that (not only) children struggle to take their own shoes off. And what’s more it doesn’t solve the problem since double knots can still come undone, even if tied by the parents. The BRACKS lace lock is the solution to shoelaces that come undone. The BRACKS lace lock is simple to use, trendy and effective. Keep your laces tied! Who is it for? Athletes and sportspeople The BRACKS lace lock is also useful for anybody involved in sports. Frequently there are articles published in leading running magazines as “Runners World” about shoelaces that come undone. As an athlete you want to strive for the best in your sport. You want to minimize anything that might hinder your success, such as the problem of shoelaces that come undone. Whether your sport is recreational, amateur, professional, individual or in a team, with the BRACKS laceclip you know that you can give your best to your sport without interruption! Why take the risk when you can have the security of knowing that your shoelaces won’t come undone? Use the BRACKS laceclip. Simple, trendy and effective. There are plenty of examples of professional sportspeople who have had problems with their shoelaces coming undone. During the 2008 cross country running championship, Ethiopian, Kenenisa Bekele, who still went on to win, had to stop several times to tie his shoelaces. A childish problem that no athlete wants to be bothered by

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